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Whether you are a high flyer, a rookie, a digital wizard, an explorer or a newbie, at DPDHL we have the right opportunity for you!

High Flyer

Aka Awper

Always building networks and brings the team together. They know that only the sky is the limit. At DHL we offer the GROW high potential graduate development program for High-Flyers to ignite their careers.

#management #program #18months #careerdevelopment #GROWatDHL

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Aka Entry Fragger

The ever-searching, curious explorer likes to broaden their views on a global scale. At DHL, we offer Explorers the chance to join our AIESEC internships to explore the vast opportunities of our company.

#abroad #leadership #internshipatdhl

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Data Wizard

Aka In-Game Leader

Data Wizards like to analyze the opponent’s strategy, drive innovation, and constantly amaze us with their coding skills. The Data Wizards at DHL have access to an amazing amount of global data points and are driving IT innovations.

#IT #coding #dataanalysis

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Rookies are just starting out and are always on the hunt for opportunities, always willing to learn and expand their skills. At DHL, we value the insight our apprentices and interns bring to the team and support their individual journeys.

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