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Smart Speed

Complete all levels for the chance to win an amazing prize!

DHL is on the lookout for new recruits! We want to see if you carry the key attributes needed to be a great DHL employee in our newest game, DHL Smart Speed.

Using speed and efficiency, you must deliver logistic and transportation solutions fit for the future, keeping sustainability as a top priority.

At DHL, we use state of the art route optimisation, uncompromising technology solutions and a focused mindset to help shape how transport, logistics, and vehicle deliveries will operate in the future.

Take on the Smart Speed challenge and find the fastest, more carbon-efficient, and cost-effective route to earn top points.


  1. Collect all parcels in the most efficient way possible.
  2. There are three different vehicles to choose from, use the most efficient combination of StreetScooter, Cubicycle and Parcelcopter to plot the routes.
  3. Collect all the parcels and return them to the DHL Hub as fast as possible.
  4. The lower the power cost, the more efficient you are!

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