Dota2 Adventures

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Join Dota 2 Personality SirActionSlacks and his trusty DHL sidekick EffiBot on a wide range of adventures in the Dota 2 universe! Started in 2018, the DHL Adventures quickly became the most enjoyed content series at ESL tournaments, and it’s not hard to see why! Featuring beloved talent such as PurgeGamers, Capitalist and SunsFan, each episode showcases a wealth of Dota 2 humour and inside jokes. No matter where you are in the world, the DHL Adventures bring the Dota community and DHL closer together.

You can watch all the DHL Adventures down below. Enjoy!


Episode 8: Roshan’s Den

On tonight’s Episode of Roshan’s Den: SirActionSlacks and the Sideshop Man go head to head in a battle of the Couriers; who will walk away with the contract?

Episode 7: The Dota 2 Instant Delivery System

Ever wanted to send your struggling team mates packages straight to their door? Now you can with the Innovative Instant DHL Dota 2 Delivery System!

Episode 6: No Timings To Die

The Sideshop Man is back and this time he’s after the Dota 2 timings! Can SirActionSlacks a.k.a Agent 322 save the day?

Episode 5: A New Hope

As SirActionSlacks has climbed the ranks to CFO of Multi-Dimensional Item Management, he's now on the lookout for a worthy replacement to take over the DHL Interdimensional Sorting Facility! Can Capitalist fill his shoes?

Episode 4: The Fall of the Side Shop

Tensions are at an all-time high between Dota 2 Personalities SirActionsSlacks and PurgeGamers. Will Slacks and the DHL International Sorting Facility win the 'Item Delivery Service of the Year Award' or does Purge have something shady up his sleeve?

Episode 3: SirActionSlacks’ DHL Facility is UNDER ATTACK!

THIS JUST IN: SirActionSlacks victim of attempted sabotage of DHL’s Interdimensional Facility. Sideshop Man Purge said to be the main suspect, conspiracy with Capitalist yet to be confirmed.

Episode 2: EffiBOT Enters Dota 2

Everyone’s favourite trusty DHL Delivery bot Effi has made its (her??) grand debut in the Dota 2 world!

Episode 1: The Inter-dimensional Dota 2 Facility

The Sideshop Explore the newly launched DHL Inter-dimensional Facility with Dota 2 shopkeeper SirActionSlacks and find out how your items get delivered to you behind the scenes!