Carpet Fragments.

Global Journeys.


Inspired by the past, weaving the future.

The Museum of Islamic Art in The Pergamonmuseum is home to a world-renowned collection of Islamic Art, including a 17th-century carpet from the Caucasus region. This carpet not only holds a special significance in the Museum's history, but it also symbolises how travel, trade, and migration are the driving forces behind change, reinvention, and innovation.

While the Museum is temporarily closed for renovation until Spring 2027, we will embark on a global odyssey: 100 carpet fragments, cut from a doppelgänger (a look-alike) of the iconic dragon carpet, will be delivered by DHL to people all over the world, inspiring them to share their ideas for, or stories of, #CulturalxCollabs.

The idea behind CulturalxCollabs


The most significant collabs in the world are not what you’d expect. They’re not between brands or celebs, but cultures. All the things we love, have ever loved and will ever love come from cultural exchange, migration and diversity, or as we like to call it #CulturalxCollabs


A #CulturalxCollab between India, Spain, and the US that electrified the music world.


A surprising #CulturalxCollab born from the marriage of Portuguese and Belgian influences that is now a national dish in Great Britain.


A #CulturalxCollab that resulted from the trade and sharing of ideas between Iran, China, Turkey, and Italy.

Weaving the future.

For over three years,100 carpet fragments will travel the world inspiring remarkable people to share their #CulturalxCollabs, their personal stories or ideas that show how cultural diversity enriches all our lives. After sharing, participants can nominate others – friends, colleagues, or connections – and pass on their fragment with DHL.

We want to demonstrate the importance of #CulturalxCollabs, and how much richer our culture is when our imaginations are sparked by other people, ideas and influences from diverse places. In a world with growing negative sentiments about our cultural mix, globalisation, diversity and migration, this conversation is more important than ever.

Follow #CulturalxCollabs online as the project unfolds and at the website of Museum for Islamic Art in the Pergamonmuseum.

Or you can join the project, by requesting a carpet fragment delivered by DHL here and sharing a #CulturalxCollab you have been part of (or would love to be part of), that shows how cultural diversity enriches lives.

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