WillNE, world famous YouTuber and our Team Principal, has been on a journey to different races of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship throughout Season 9 to discover what it takes to be the best Team Principal in one of the most progressive and sustainable sports in the world.

Throughout his journey, WillNE has not only uncovered stories, hosted interviews and taken part in different challenges, but he has also learnt more about Formula E and how DHL are supporting projects around the world to create a lasting impact.

In partnership with Formula E we are Together Green; our mission is to accelerate positive change for the future of our planet.

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South Africa

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are proud to showcase our GoTeach programme which offered an empowering workshop for 100+ girls ahead of the 2023 Cape Town E-Prix.

DHL’s GoTeach programme aims to improve employability by equipping young people with the skills and professional interactions needed to prepare them for the world of work.

Over an action-packed few days, we were joined by a panel of inspiring female figures including Naomi Schiff to discuss their careers and offer insight into the opportunities available in the industry for young women. The girls also had the opportunity to pitch their 'race team of the future' to earn their spot in an exclusive race day experience.

Finally, the girls were invited to contribute to a piece of artwork called ‘Together’ by local artists Sara Gaqa by writing one word that personally inspires them as a female. This was then donated to the community to continue empowering females here in Cape Town.

As this was WillNE’s first TEAM DHL stop on the journey, he headed straight to track to learn more about Formula E and soak up the atmosphere!


Technologies and innovations changing the future!

To celebrate World Earth Day, our robot courier CLEVON 1 delivered plants to fans at the 2023 SABIC Berlin E-Prix. Our innovative courier even joined in a special lap of the Formula E track celebrating all forms of e-vehicles and playing music for locals taking part.

The autonomous carrier is currently working to make a difference with every DHL delivery, improving vehicle safety and reducing CO2 emissions.

At the track, WillNE explored the strength of the Exoskeleton which helps enhance safety and capabilities in warehouses. Our Team Principal even challenged drivers in the paddock to a lift-off.


'Alice', the first ever all-electric cargo plane planned to launch in 2027, was only a short detour away. We sent WillNE, on a mission to learn more about the future of DHL, along with the groundbreaking Formula E GEN3 car. Together with Formula E, we are charging a world where speed meets innovation and sustainability.

After visiting Alice, we challenged WillNE to deliver 30 'electric' doughnuts to the 2023 Southwire Portland E-Prix track in 30 minutes, the time it takes to charge the brand new all-electric DHL plane for an hour’s trip, for the people who make the all-electric race possible. Was he successful?

United Kingdom

The 2023 Hankook London E-Prix was the Season 9 finale. To wrap up TEAM DHL, we encapsulated our epic journey into a piece of art, and what’s more, we used a DHL helmet as the canvas. The signed TEAM DHL helmet was then won by one lucky winner!

Before heading on-site, we explored DHL’s green last-mile delivery throughout London. The goal was to transport a mystery DHL box to the ExCeL centre. Whilst en route, WillNE had to step in to save the day… but what was inside the DHL box?

At the track, the TEAM DHL Stig checked out the ExCeL centre in style… Parkour style.

Finally, we also welcomed our TEAM DHL winner for a supercharged ABB FIA Formula E experience!

WillNE’s journey

South Africa



United Kingdom

Our Team Principal

What it takes to be a Formula E driver

Formula E drivers need reaction speed, concentration, focus, and no fear – especially when reaching top speeds of 322 km/h!

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