Fashion Week Tokyo

Bringing his own vision of a ‘New Order’ to life, Yuki was not afraid to break sartorial boundaries with his eponymous collection during the 2020 Rakuten Fashion Week. After the original event in March was cancelled due to Covid-19, a total of 40 events were staged in October 2020. Of those brands, 15 took to the physical runway to strike a pose whilst the others staged digital shows.

Yuki however, used the full force of his physical show to create awe and excitement. His makeshift spaceship was the perfect location for his other-worldly collection that was inspired by cult classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey and the work of artist Olafur Eliasson. The result? A futuristic mirage of utilitarian suits, loose tailoring, and covetable metallic accessories.

Ready for liftoff

For Yuki, his sights are now set on Europe and Asia. With DHL’s support, plus his prestigious TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2020, our partnership is set to make his dreams come true! With customer tastes and trends changing at an eye-watering pace, speed is crucial to success, as Tony Khan, President and Representative Director at DHL Japan, reveals: “It is now more important than ever for designers and brands to get their products to the hand of actual customers as soon as possible.”

DHL have proved essential to numerous success stories in the fashion industry. As well as delivering products internationally within tight timeframes, health, safety, and sustainability are all top our list of priorities.

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