Fashion Week Russia

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, a radical shift was needed to stage the MBFW in Russia. Instead of their traditional venue, the Moscow Manege, the shows were staged in separate venues with a focus on livestreams and whilst the event has always preferred an all-encompassing venue, there was a major silver-lining to this new vision; an international audience!

Welcomed to the stage were designers from Argentina, Great Britain, Peru and the USA. In the most unlikely of years, MBFW in Russia became more international than ever before. Brands based in St. Petersburg and Sochi were sharing the runways with fashion houses from London and New York. This year saw MBFW Russia take to the virtual world like never before, with live broadcasts streamed to viewers around the world.

To further our support for one of the frontrunners in Russian fashion, DHL customers were invited to attend designer Sergey Sysoev’s show, held in the Museum of Fashion. As his label approached quarter of a century, guests were treated to a reception that adhered to all health and safety guidelines before the show commenced. With some of the industry’s biggest names in attendance, it was glamorous event that transformed the humble face mask into a fashion statement!

The show itself was a welcome antidote to the trials of 2020. Brightly colored suits, tie-dye dresses and exuberant tailoring were a visual feast and we at DHL were thrilled to play a role in showcasing Sergey Sysoev’s work to a larger audience.

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