Fashion Week Milan

Despite the shadow of a pandemic, the much-anticipated Milan Fashion Week still went ahead safely and securely in September 2020 with a reduced audience, health, and safety measures, and some of the shows broadcasted to a solely digital audience. As well as ensuring the delivery of vital accessories for various sustainable designers’ showcases, our focus was centered around accelerating young careers with awards, and interviews.

Young Designer DHL Award

Aimed at putting talented emerging designers on the map, the Young Designer DHL Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated innovation, sustainable practices, and commitment to the fashion industry. For three years, DHL has awarded the winner with logistical support for expansion into foreign markets. Our 2020 winner was Daniele Carlotta from Sicily. Fusing traditional tailoring and glamour, his elegant designs punctuate the modern woman’s wardrobe with timeless romantic pieces.

As well as giving away prestigious awards, we are constantly investing in long-lasting partnerships with young brands. In 2020, we joined forces with three Italian designers who are changing the industry for the better.

Carolina Moretti

Founder and Creative Director at Fantabody, Carolina Moretti’s business rests on two important principles; female body positivity and sustainability. Closely monitoring all stages of production, Carolina wants to make sure her carbon footprint is absolutely minimal. When it came to her logistics partner, it was a no-brainer - the DHL’s GOGREEN initiative and zero emissions target aligned perfectly with her business goals and ethical outlook.

Gilberto Calzolari

Following in his father’s fashionable footsteps, Gilberto Calzolari is a sustainable fashion designer with a prestigious Green Carpet Fashion Award to his name. For him, sustainable fashion is “the new luxury”, as consumers are increasingly aware of how businesses operate as a whole. By simply using what you already have, sustainability is more attainable. That applies to logistics too. DHL’s GOGREEN initiative was the green light for Gilberto.

Tiziano Guardini

Opting for a high-octane life in fashion over a career in economics is Tiziano Guardini. Juggling his time between Rome and Milan, Tiziano’s bold prints and vibrant designs were rewarded with the Franca Sozzani Award in 2017. Central to his business ethos is the longevity, life and, most importantly, the love one must feel for one’s clothes. In his own words, clothes are “not meant to be a one-night stand but someone you want to write a real love story with.” For Tiziano, DHL’s environmentally friendly approach reflects his own values; and thus, a winning partnership was born.

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