Bryan Adams

“Once-in-a-lifetime delivery” from DHL and Bryan Adams

A jump into cold water, a backstage concert meeting with Bryan Adams and a very special delivery from DHL. Our competition winner experienced it all.

Smiling from ear to ear while holding a yellow guitar case with DHL’s red logo: Meet lucky winner Philipp from Austria who went on an extraordinary journey with us!

But how did it all start?

Let’s begin by taking a quick trip back in time... to 1969. Neil Armstrong is the first person to step on the moon, the prototype of Concorde makes its maiden flight, the open-air music festival in Woodstock pulls in 400,000 fans and a company called DHL is founded in San Francisco.

DHL celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, half a century later. 1969 was the year when DHL was founded and also served as inspiration for the Bryan Adams’ hit “Summer of ‘69”, so putting the two together was a no‑brainer.

To acknowledge this special anniversary, Bryan and DHL as official logistics partner of the “Shine a Light World Tour 2019”, set out to find the best air guitar player amongst Bryan’s fans!

Around 1,000 fans took up the challenge, sending in video clips of their best air guitar solos, some of which were extremely professional while others were extremely funny.

Have you ever played air guitar on a cat?
Or while hanging from the ceiling on ropes?

Or maybe you’ve pretended to be a rock star in front of a DHL delivery vehicle!!!?

If you’d like to watch some of the videos sent in, you can do that on our Fanwall.

In the end, Bryan Adams personally selected the winner from all the entries, with the lucky chosen one to be Philipp from Austria!

Philipp went the extra mile, producing a complete music video, in which he delivers a mega air guitar performance in various locations, ranging from his garden to the countryside and a jump into a lake.

The effort turned out to be worth it. In early December last year, it was time to pack his bags. He flew from Vienna to Lisbon, where, after a short sightseeing tour, he went to a Bryan Adams concert, had a glimpse behind the scenes and got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet his idol personally.

To top it off, Bryan then had a very special surprise for Philipp, an early Christmas gift delivery, you could say: He presented Philipp with a signed Gibson DHL/ES-235 Special Edition guitar!

Philipp returned home the next day, still savoring the memory of a fantastic concert experience but with an amazing piece of extra luggage, the jewel in his collection, a yellow guitar case with the DHL red logo.

For Philipp a real dream came true – delivered by DHL.

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