Maria Fernanda, Venezuela


Watching Hamilton on the 2017 Brasilian GP fight all his way up from the 20th place baffled me. Even if he didn't get to podium at the end of the race, to see him rise, with all odds against him, was a display of resilience, of dedication to overcome the obstacles in your way to achieving your goals. Until Vettel this German GP. Though the circumstances were different, it's a showcase of ability how he persisted and managed to fight his way to podium. The reason he could was his experience and ability to overcome the odds against him. To be able to see them would be a dream to me. To be able to express how much they've moved and inspired me. They've shown me that I can get where I want to be. I learnt that achieving a goal doesn't mean things are going to be perfect after. I learnt that competing against someone doesn't make them my enemy, and I know that these lessons are not to be looked down upon, because all that doesn't help me grow only slows my way to being a better me.

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