Marjorie, フィリピン


September 2015: It's been 3 long years since I last went to a GP weekend. The F1 Night Race is my favorite in the calendar because it always brings magical experiences & unforgettable people in my life. I first attended it in 2009 & I've been ridiculously infatuated with it since. The race weekend was full of surprises & serendipity--I finally got together with some online friends, met, interacted, & collected autographs from drivers, but most important, Ferrari all but dominated qualifying & the race. Being a Ferrari fan since 1996, the joy of witnessing not just a resounding victory but also a double-podium in person was akin to a religious experience. I stood with hundreds of fans under the podium after a long run drenched with sweat & tears in my eyes. As the crowds dispersed, I walked towards the Start-Finish Line, knelt, & kissed it out of sheer gratitude. For a fleeting moment, a part of me was immortalized in F1 history: A red lipstick mark from a true-red Ferrari fan.

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