DHL connects people.

Pop meets classical

It actually all started with a fashion partnership – a successful fashion competition that led to the “Forever Me” song and music video. Fashion collided with pop and produced something entirely new and wonderful. And because we loved the results so much – and had so much fun with it – we didn’t want it to end. So we decided to take it further. We immediately thought of our longtime partner Gewandhaus Orchestra with its Gewandhaus Children’s Choir. Our idea? A pop-classical crossover! Or more precisely: a newly arranged remix of “Forever Me” performed by Lara Samira – the Berlin singer-songwriter who sang the original song – together with the Gewandhaus Children’s Orchestra.

Music for the world

Lara Samira loved the idea and jumped at the chance – partly because she had sung in a choir for many years herself. So we had professionals create a completely new “Forever Me” arrangement – with Lara’s inimitable voice now joined by the singers of the Gewandhaus Children’s Choir. The beat and drive of the song are still there, but now accompanied by strings and piano for extra atmosphere.

The song was rehearsed in Leipzig in the Gewandhaus concert hall together with Gewandhaus musicians. The result is a youthful, modern classical take on the pop song – with goose bumps guaranteed! And we all agreed: The song was so good that it definitely deserved its own music video! In keeping with our crossover idea, we knew right away where we wanted to film the video: at our DHL logistics hub in Leipzig. Where usually over 7,000 DHL employees go about their daily work, we spent a whole day filming with Lara and the Children’s Choir – everywhere from the airport runway to the logistics warehouse. The video shows the journey of a parcel making its way through several stations, with the message that DHL brings music to the world – and connects people in the process!

As in the original video, Lara once again took on a few unfamiliar roles. This time her portrayal of a cargo pilot was just as convincing as her hub forklift operator. Also on hand to support the elaborate shoot were countless DHL employees and even the local fire department. Stefan Macourek, who played a leading role organizing the project in Leipzig, talks about the excitement shared by everyone involved: “It was a great experience for us as DHL to make this extraordinary project happen and bring the many different actors together. The entire DHL team was amazed by the musical ability of the children, the Gewandhaus musicians and Lara.”

The song and video shoot weren’t particularly challenging for the kids in the Gewandhaus choir; they’re real pros after all. The choir, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023, is one of Germany’s most renowned and successful children’s choirs and has performed in countries throughout the world – from France to Estonia, Spain to China. It has worked not only with the Gewandhaus Orchestra, but also with many other famous orchestras, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra. So the kids are certainly familiar with large concert halls. But they had never sung in a logistics warehouse or the belly of a cargo plane before. That made the video shoot very special for them, too – and a whole lot of fun!

The video for the song

Interview with Lara

How did it feel to perform your song with the Gewandhaus Children’s Choir between the airplanes and in the huge sorting facility?

"It was an indescribable feeling! To be honest, I felt like I was in a Hollywood film – I think the kids felt the same way. Of course I realize that not everyone gets to experience something like that, which makes me all the more proud and grateful that I could be part of this real-life adventure. And to do it with so many great kids, who had just as much fun with the music and project as I did! Even just standing out on the tarmac was super exciting – and then we were allowed to perform there too! Amazing."

Which scene was the most spectacular for you?

"The most spectacular for me was definitely the singing scene in front of the airplane. Singing “Forever Me” with the kids there was incredibly special – magical – and I remember clearly the goosebumps I had in that moment. But really all the scenes with the kids were my favorite."

Why did you say ‘Yes’ right away to the idea of performing with the Gewandhaus Children’s Choir?

"The first time I heard the idea I was immediately ‘all in’. When I was younger I loved singing in the school choir and to this day I’m a big fan of choral music. So the chance to record one of my songs with a choir was a big honor for me – and a little dream come true."

What about working with the kids and the DHL team was most fun for you?

"The “Forever Me” project is among my favorite music projects. And one reason for that is all the wonderful people I was able to work with. I just enjoyed working with the DHL team so much and am very grateful for this experience. The best part about working with the kids was their joy of music and the fun they had with the filming. Despite the many takes and hours of work, they never stopped smiling and having fun – and that’s what makes this project so special for me."

Behind the scenes

Bike delivery through the hub! Lara Samira took on various roles, just like in the first "Forever Me" video.

Not a typical filming location: Team meeting at the video shoot in the DHL Hub in Leipzig ...

...and action! More than 2,000 tons of freight are handled at the Leipzig hub every day on average. On the filming day, however, the hub was all about music.

What might Lara Samira and the children on the tarmac be discussing? Perhaps Lara's own choir singing background.

DHL is experienced in transporting delicate musical instruments such as pianos. The Gewandhaus Orchestra has entrusted DHL with their logistics for years, relying on their expertise to transport valuable instruments.

The kids from Gewandhaus Children's Choir are accustomed to being the center of attention, but the large cameras continue to be captivating!

Geschafft! Rundum zufriedene Gesichter beim Gruppenfoto nach einem erfolgreichen Drehtag.