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‪This moment right here! This years British GP. I was lucky enough to be treated to my first F1 event by my dad and managed to go every year since 2012. I have seen many moments worthy, Kimi winning in Abu Dhabi, puncture heaven at Silverstone, both Ferrari tyres give up at Silverstone. Meeting drivers at the stage with the biggest crowds. None of these equate to this moment. In the build up to the GP I decided to do a painting for Lewis that I was going to give it to him. The painting needed to be special, it included tributes to the great Niki Lauda (we miss you), Mercedes star for all 5 DCs and a shiny red star for 2019s championship. After an eventful race (mainly for Max and Charles) it was time to head to the stage and wait for the drivers. 2 hours later He arrives, the crowd goes wild, for him and for the cricket(we won). Handing my painting and talking through it with him has to be my standout f1 moment. The punchline? He asked if my details were on the back, they weren’t ‬.

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