Play DHL EffiBOT Dash for the chance
to win some incredible prizes!

Tom Coronel is trading in his WTCR car for our beloved robot, EffiBOT. Download and play EffiBOT Dash for the chance to win some amazing prizes.

Duck, jump and weave your way around the DHL warehouse and collect as many parcels as you can, and see if you can beat Tom!

  1. Download the “DHL EffiBOT Dash” app, available for Android and Apple devices.
  2. Enter the game and register with your full name and email.
  3. Press the "Cup" icon located at the bottom left of the screen.
  4. Click on the "Private" button and enter the code: TOM
  5. Scores will be automatically recorded onto the leader board.

Make it into the top 10 and you will be eligible for some amazing prizes. For more information see the Terms and Conditions.

Download the app for your iPhone or Android.

Tips for your game:

Avoid obstacles that appear in your way such as cones, forklifts or covered DHL boxes.

Every time you crash, you will lose a life. Be careful, you only have 3 lives!

Upon completion, enter your name and email to record your score in the leader board.

If your score is in the top 10, you will win some incredible prizes!

Win fantastic prizes!

For all prizes please refer to the Terms and Conditions

FIA WTCR DHL Motorsports Audi RS3 LMS scale model

FIA WTCR DHL Motorsports team polo

DHL x Casetify mobile accessory

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